This oil reveals your fragrance as a flower opening it as petals disclosing all the mystical notes. From now on your perfume is really unique and the look is totally complete.




The french perfumers’s innovation

- the “highlighting oil” by Sergio Nero.

Complete your favourite fragrance with the new piquant notes by applying the special oil over your perfume.

“Highlighting oil”

is a real must-have that has been purchased by thousands of women.

This oil is a true innovation that can be compared only to a magic stick. Just imagine - from now on there is no need to choose a new fragrance every season: one for summer that will surprise you by its light breeze of flowers and fruits and a totally different perfume for winter - sparkling sweet snow. From now on your aroma can appear in any needed role - from the neutral daily perfume to an enchanting evening fragrance just in a few touches of oil by Sergio Nero.

Oil by Sergio Nero

is a pure love story

it’s really important for every woman to find her unique fragrance. You fall in love with your perfume and find there the exact picture of your own perfect essence that you have been looking for. Nevertheless, soon you start getting tired from these relationships and a well-known aroma starts bothering you. The relationships between a woman and her perfume is surely a love story. It’s an amazing story with the genuine emotions. We all want to return this amazing feeling of first love, the sensation of an unreal attraction and this mysterious feeling of the world falling to your feet. That’s exactly why we invented this unique oil that somehow highlights your perfume bringing it back its genuine notes and helping it to sparkle with the new unexpected bliss.

With best wishes of love and happiness