Make a perfect proposal with our  limited original perfume

We all know how exciting and emotional is a moment of proposal. There is so much to do such as preparing a speech, making a special atmosphere and arranging a perfect moment. We are quite sure that you are pretty nervous about it and we totally understand. That's why we prepared a limited perfume line which will perfectly complement your proposal. Three mini essences in a special gift packaging for the future bride, her made and mom will be the perfect last touch. Your chosen one will have nothing to say, but “I do”.

The charming notes filling your whole existence with the foretaste of the future happiness will become the last element needed to compliment the happiest day of your life. This amazing gift will tell about your real feelings and warm your future bride with a touch of the unique notes

 She will say "I do!"

Composition of the fragrance:

Top notes:  tangerine, pink pepper, black coffee, peach, licorice

Heart notes: fleur de orange, jasmine, patchouli

Base notes: vanilla, musk, amber, cedar

Authors of the fragrance:

Professional famous perfumers:

Maurice Roucel and Pierre Kurzenne.

Maurice Roucel created perfumes for world-known Brands Guerlain, Kenzo, Gucci, Hermes, Lancome,  Lolita Lempicka, Rochas.

Producer of the fragrance:


With best wishes of love and happiness